“Fall in love, but do not forget your name.”

CJ and OJ together

Together we feel like it is important to not only share our name, but also to share our stories side by side. The perspectives of one suffering from an eating disorder and of his/her supporter are equally important and necessary in order to fight in the war against eating disorders. When we were in the trenches of the largest battle, we looked for help, information, personal stories, anything that we could relate to on the internet. To be honest, there wasn’t much out there. It was hard to believe given the high incidence rate of eating disorders. But it makes sense given the secretive nature of the illness and the stigma that still surrounds mental health in general today.

Our goal with thirdwheelED is to slowly connect the dots by creating important and necessary dialogues between two perspectives fighting the same cause.

Together, we both try to live life as authentically as possible. To us, living authentically means demonstrating and living by our core beliefs and our truest self, daily.  Additionally, authenticity is about accepting strengths and weaknesses, and consistently acting in ways that align with our core set of values. As a lesbian couple, we’ve both individually experienced what it was like to “come out” to friends and family, and we both assign that as the first time in our lives when we truly experienced the liberating feeling of authenticity. One secret was gone. For OJ, other secrets lingered and simmered over time. Through treatment, OJ has realized that secrets are what keep her sick. To us, thirdwheelED represents a larger promise to ourselves, one in which we will individually and collectively find our voices to offer our authentic perspective of eating disorder recovery. We hope that sooner rather than later, we’ll be riding a two-wheeler.

Our core values include empathy. authenticity. acceptance.

thirdwheelED strives to be an honest, safe space of inspiration, motivation, and continued healing for those recovering from an eating disorder and their supporters.

Disclaimer: We are definitely not experts! We are just two women with two perspectives, who happen to be in a relationship, and who happen to have personal, intimate experience with an eating disorder. Our recoveries and our relationships with each other and with ourselves are a work in progress. Nothing and we repeat, nothing on this blog should replace treatment. If you think that you, or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, or any other kind of mental illness, please contact a professional in your area. We have listed a couple of national eating disorder associations on the Resources page of our blog.