this is what our logo means


Logos themselves represent the idea of telling others “hey! hey you! this is who we are!”. Logos are important. Together with words, logos can create powerful meaning.


Our dear friend, Romy Eberle, read our compilation of random thoughts and ideas and somehow created a logo that beautifully represents thirdwheelED’s mission. Not only was she the artist in the creation, but she articulated the meaning of our logo beautifully. From a few emails back and forth, she got it. She understood what thirdwheelED is about.


During the design process of the logo, Romy focused on the dichotomy between health and pain; transcending and surrendering; growth and stagnation. In her experience, blue is often linked to health, water, tranquility, movement, and rejuvenation. The darker color represents structure, fear, and darkness. It’s kind of cliche, but the colors represent the pain and growth that come with the journey, or the third wheel. We’ll add that the juxtaposition of the blue against the black, taken with their meanings above, truly embraces what recovery is about: accepting that two seemingly opposite forces can be true, and in fact need to be true. You can’t have one without the other.


For those wondering, the wheel itself represents the collective sojourn that we, along with our readers, have already embarked on. It’s rotating (note there are no strictly horizontal or vertical lines) because the process never stops, it’s a continuum. So while we might like to get rid of the third wheel in our relationship (cough ED cough), we are currently embracing the wheel as a positive force to move us forward.

[Romy, we can’t thank you enough for your beautiful and passionate work.]